• For all Google Analytics users
    • Provides an easy analytics dashboard one mouse-click away from within your website
  • Quick 1-minute installation
    • Only add 1 line of javascript:
      < script scr='..../widget.js'>< /script >
  • Extremely easy to use
    • Anyone can use it. Ideal for clients
  • Free!
    • Up to 50.000 pageviews/month

What is the Analytics7 Widget?

The Analytics7 Widget is a small program that runs on your website, which you can use to access your Google Analytics statistics at any time. By clicking in the top-right corner of your website, you have direct access to information about visits, pageviews, bounces, referrers and search keywords.

These statistics are only visible to the website's owner, by means of simple authentication with Google Analytics. You never have to leave your own website anymore, to see how much people visited your page or website.

The widget is free for up to 50.000 pageviews/month, and doesn't even require signing up! Please learn more or get the code straight away to start your easy access to Google Analytics.