Quick access to all basic indicators

Visits, pageviews, bounces, referring sources and keywords - all available within one click from your own website!

Super easy access

One-click access directly from your website. By clicking on a hidden spot on your website, you can activate the Analytics7 Widget anytime anywhere on your website.

Secure: For your eyes only

Login (once) via your Google Account, only you have access to the statistics.

No information is stored at Analytics7, it's just you and Google Analytics

Minimized analytics bar

While browsing your own pages, having the minified analytics bar active shows you how much visits each of your pages gets.

Per-page statistics

No more browsing through the Google Analytics interface just to find out how many visits a certain page got, and from which keywords / referrers your visitors got there.
Just open the Analytics 7 Widget, and it's right there!

1 minute install

Super quick installation, just add one line of javascript to your webpages.

Speedy performance

Using the blazingly fast Amazon.com server network, loading the (<4kb) javascript file has a negligible impact on your website's performance.

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